Wainer Vaccari

A volte tornano…

Jan 20th – Mar 24th, 2015


Tuffatore, 2014

Oil on canvas

160 x 120 cm

Sometimes They Do Return… In spring 2015 the LEVY Gallery is delighted to showcase again after a period of ten years an exhibition of the artist Wainer Vaccari. The latest body of works of the Italian painter (born in Modena in 1949) challenges the modes of sensual perception and visual representation of a reality that is in a constant state of metamorphose. The selection of works includes about thirty oil on canvas paintings and twenty graphite on paper drawings that altogether reveal a narrative pictorial language peeled off realism and now oscillating between “post-Impressionist renditions of the play of light and digital matrixes“ , between the agglomeration and dissolution of organic and technoid matter.

The viewer enters a mysterious inner life and dream world populated by the familiar figurative arsenal of corporal male and female protagonists. Presenting themselves with Mannerist pathos they are about to interexchange their energetic forces with the primal elements of their surroundings. Accompanied by an iconographic repertoire of highly symbolic vessels, atoms, remnants and spatial markers they bemuse the audience in a magical manner, trying to prevail us to fathom the dimensions and intrinsic patterns of the very human existence.

After researching the theoretical writings of quantum physics for a number of years, the artist has developed an in-depth interest for the invisible, subatomic interrelations of our tangible environment. On a formal level the compositions unveil this tendency in a choice of subtle, abstract particles of paint and colour—delicate circles, finest lines, filigree swirls, triangles and squares—overlying the portrayed figures that are ready to leap off into the vertiginous depths of our reality.

Before exclusively pursuing an artistic career from the 1970s onwards, Wainer Vaccari successfully worked as a graphic artist and illustrator. Today, he lives and works in Modena, Italy. His oeuvre is part of various private and public national and international collections. In conjunction with the exhibition a catalogue (Ger.-Engl.-Ital.) at Kerber Publishers is publicized with texts by Prof Herwig Guratzsch and Belinda Grace Gardner as well as a Collector`s Edition limited to 30 copies and 5 Artist’s Proofs including an etching, Il gatto di Schrödinger, 2014, 22,5 x 14,5 cm, signed and numbered by the artist.