Daniel Mohr


Jun 5th – Jul 5th, 2021

House of Cards

House of Cards, 2019

oil on canvas

60 x 80 cm

We are pleased to present the exhibition »Daniel Mohr – Séance« at LEVY Salon. Daniel Mohr’s oeuvre draws aesthetic impulses from phenomena that disrupt the unambiguous view of the world and its objects. The compositions of the Berlin-based painter, born in 1976, take affect by the very prismatic reflections, rotations and transgressions of the painted reality, which seems to shatter into its fragmented essence before the beholders’ eyes. The exhibition »Séance« comprises a selection of about twenty paintings by the artist from 2015 until 2020 that unfold on the fine line between figuration and abstraction, reflecting our perceived human environment and connecting us to a worldly understanding beyond fixed material parameters.
We are looking forward to see you in person at LEVY Salon again! Please note that due to the current Covid-19 related regulations, you can only visit the gallery by prior appointment on Tuesday – Friday, between 11am – 6pm and visitors need to wear a FFP2 mask. Thank you!
You are also welcome to access the show online via Artland: https://www.artland.com/exhibitions/seance-ebca0d. Here, don’t miss to receive in-depth information on single works and Mohr’s artistic practice in the EXPLORE section.

Marc Lüders

Theorie des Daseins | Theory of Existence

Objekt 888-7-2

Objekt 888-7-2, 2020

oil on silver gelatine print

94 x 74 cm



Location: TOM REICHSTEIN | CONTEMPORARY, Stockmeyerstr. 41, Halle 4J – Oberhafen, 20457 Hamburg


LEVY gallery is delighted to welcome you in person again in our upcoming exhibition »Marc Lüders – Theory of Existence« at TOM REICHSTEIN | CONTEMPORARY. The œuvre of Marc Lüders (*1963) stands out through a subtle break-in of painting into the pictorial space of the photograph. Besides the painted floating objects, he integrates topographically dis-located, realistic figures into the anonymous, urban landscape or symbolically charged natural environment of his »photopictures«. In a disconcerting manner, they cease to detach totally in an interplay of impasto and translucency from their surroundings. By generating this peculiar illusionary world, he points out to the torrent of manipulated media images that wash around our everyday lives simulating an ostensibly transparent reality and challenge our vision and way of perceiving. The selection of works for the exhibition focus on latest works.


The exhibition can be visited after registration. The event takes place in accordance with the currently applicable safety and hygiene measures.