Birgit Jürgenssen

Die Engel rebellieren um Mitternacht

Apr 27th – Jul 13th, 2024

Installationview ® Marcus Schneider

Installationview ® Marcus Schneider

Opening: 26. Apr. 2024 | 6 – 9 pm

Location: LEVY Berlin, Alt-Moabit 110, 10559 Berlin



Birgit Jürgenssen (*10 April 1949 – 11 September 2003, Vienna, Austria) is one of the most important artists of the post-war Austrian period and a representative of decidedly feminist art.

Surrealism’s visual language and methods served as important points of reference for Birgit Jürgenssen, whose artistic practice spanned drawing, printmaking, various photographic processes, performative body art and even footwear.  Literature, psychoanalysis and structuralism also significantly influenced her work.

Jürgenssen, who Peter Weibel once described as the “missing link” in the history of feminist art, did not live to see the international recognition of her pioneering, emancipatory oeuvre. This only began with a posthumous retrospective in Vienna in 2010/11.


The exhibition The angels revolt at midnight provides a representative overview of her most important works.