C.O. Paeffgen

Of Moons, Mice, and (Wo)Men

Dec 1st – Jan 13th, 2023

Of Moons, Mice, and (Wo)Men

Of Moons, Mice, and (Wo)Men

Location: LEVY Salon, Hagedornstraße 47, 20149 Hamburg

Opening hours: Tue – Fri, 11 am – 6 pm by pre-appointment


We are pleased to invite you to the exhibition »C.O. Paeffgen – Of Moons, Mice, and (Wo)Men« at LEVY Salon in Hamburg presenting works by the artist form the 1970s until 2000s, from big-sized oil on canvas outlinings, up to works on paper, objects and wrappings.


»There is a system to the simplicity. The simplicity has a system. This is part of the system. C.O. Paeffgen (1933 – 2019), a lifelong resident of Cologne, is known as a painter, graphic artist, and creator of objects for his unique, autonomous pictorial vernacular. Drawing upon media images, he converts seriousness into the comical (and into comics). Conversely, he literally lends the comical serious contours. He counters the complexity of the world with the uttermost conciseness, which, in turn, is highly complex, and accordingly harbors pitfalls.« (Belinda Grace Gardner in the accompanying exhibition booklet)

Mark Tobey

Blossoming Moments

Nov 12th – Dec 17th, 2022

Installation view © Nick Ash

Installation view © Nick Ash

Opening hours: Wed – Sat, 11 am – 6 pm

Location: LEVY Berlin, Alt Moabit 110, D-10559 Berlin


We are pleased to present the exhibition Mark Tobey – Blossoming Moments at the gallery space of LEVY Berlin. Mark Tobey, born in Centerville (USA) in 1890, deceased in Basel in 1976, is one of the great modernist painters and a significant pioneer of Abstract Expressionism and European Informel. In his examination of Chinese and Japanese calligraphy, he invented a painting technique known as »white writing«. And yet Tobey, who settled in Basel in 1960, is also an unrecognized artist. The spirituality of his pictures as well as his open attitude as a person and artist stand in contrast to the common idea of ​​powerful abstract expressionism. On display will be paintings and graphic works by the artist.


On Saturday, November 26 at 4 pm we will host a reading by Arnold Stadler in cooperation with Hanser Publishing House, Munich on the occasion of his recently publicized book Mein Leben mit Mark. Unterwegs in der Welt des Malers Mark Tobey. Due to the limited number of seats, we ask for a prior registration via email to: info@levy-galerie.de!


Since his student days, Arnold Stadler, born in Meßkirch in 1954, has been interested in Mark Tobey, this pioneer of Abstract Expressionism. In his book, the Büchner Prize winner follows in the footsteps of the American painter, from Trempealeau on the Mississippi via Seattle, Devon and New York to Basel. Stadler not only introduces Tobey’s impressive work, but also traces his very personal connection to his »Lebenskünstler« and deals with the question of why Tobey was not suited to be an American hero à la Jackson Pollock.