It’s PopArt?

May 13th – Jul 11th, 2014


Busenengel, 1970

Glazed gingerbread

107 x 52 x 2,5 cm

LEVY Galerie is pleased to present in the group exhibition it`s PopArt ? works by artists as Eduardo Arroyo, Werner Berges, Peter Blake, Saskia de Boer, David Hockney, Horst Janssen, Allen Jones, Peter Klasen, Fritz Köthe, Richard Lindner, Christopher Makos, C.O. Paeffgen, Mel Ramos, Daniel Spoerri and Andy Warhol i.a. The exhibition combines several of the most important pop art representatives from the USA, England, Spain and Germany from the 1960s to the present day. Particular attention is focused on the contemporary post-pop tendencies. As the exhibition title already implies, also rare artistic positions are taken into account that capture the inherent body of though in multi-faceted ways. The selection shows the wide-ranging outcome of this colorful, rigorous and humoristic art movement with its bold visual language in redefining the art term in general and features how it affects the international art scene up to today.

“Pop art was the first art movement of the 20th century that entailed such a rapid, widespread and publically appealing success. The reason for this was: It reflected the ambitions of a young generation searching for their path through life in an aggressive urban scenery characterized by a kind of `popular culture`. The pop-artists stayed focal actors in the art scene to the present day. It is especially remarkable that their early radical engagement influenced the succeeding artists` generations of recent times.” (EXHIB.-CAT.: Die Pop Art Show, Museum Ludwig Cologne, edited by Marco Livingstone, Munich 1992 (Translated from German into English by the author).)
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