Marc Lüders

System Plural

May 19th – Jul 10th, 2015

Figur 809-4-1

Figur 809-4-1, 2014

Oil on Cibachrome print

150 x 100 cm

LEVY Galerie is pleased to present the exhibition SYSTEM PLURAL with the latest series of works by the artist MARC LÜDERS (*1963). The œuvre of Marc Lüders stands out through a subtle break-in of painting into the pictorial space of the photograph. Besides the painted floating objects he integrates topographically dis-located, realistic figures into an anonymous, urban landscape or symbolically charged natural environment of his photopictures. In recent times, transparent figures emerge in his paintings, that allow the shapes and colors of the original photographs – lonesome forest- or rotating funfair-sceneries – to be still apparent for the eye. In a disconcerting manner, they cease to detach totally in their transparency from their surroundings. The vast formal mergence of both media, painting and photography, leads to an ongoing symbiotic interaction between the human, spatial and cultural parameters.

Marc Lüders complemented his studies at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW) with a further degree in anthropology and philosophy at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. Besides a grant from the City of Hamburg he was awarded a grant from the German Academy Rome Villa Massimo for Casa Baldi in Olevano Romano. His works are part of numerous public and private, national as well as international collections. Today, he lives and works in Hamburg.

A corresponding catalogue (Ger./Engl.) is publicized at Kerber Publishers including a text by Wolf Jahn.