Anhaltischer Kunstverein Dessau e.V. is presenting an exhibition of Friedrich Einhoff (1936–2018).
Einhoff, born in Magdeburg in 1936, deceased in Hamburg in 2018. 1957–1962 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Hamburg. 1978–1991 he taught as a professor for painting and drawing of the design faculty at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. In 2008 he received the award of the Free Academy of the Arts Hamburg and in 2009 he was awarded the Hans Platschek Prize for Art and Writing.
Since the 1960s Einhoff has been formative for his home city Hamburg both as an artist and as a teacher and mentor. His oeuvre–encompassing diverse artistic painterly and graphic techniques–deals with the image of the human being as an ambivalent and fragile entity. His personages seem to be guests of life by chance, not being able to escape the agony of existence. Traces of anonymous figures, torn body fragments, and facial outlines are pushing from material densification towards their own dissolution narrating of a notion of man that has been subjected to constant transformation through material, sensory, and emotional processes. In the alienation, displacement, and inner turmoil, the figures search in isolated juxtaposition for their inviolable state of being.

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Opening: 12.09.2020, 5pm, speech by Claus Mewes, art historian, Hamburg