We are delighted to present the online exhibition »No. We Don’t Have Visitors. Those Shoes Are All Ours!« with works by Eduardo Arroyo, Werner Berges, Allen Jones, Richard Lindner, Max Neumann, Meret Oppenheim, C.O. Paeffgen, Mel Ramos, Man Ray, Daniel Spoerri and Wainer Vaccari on Artland: https://www.artland.com/exhibitions/no-we-dont-have-visitors-those-shoes-are-all-ours.

Shoes serve more than a functional purpose–they are symbolically and culturally charged by fashion and aesthetic discourses, consumerist reflections, power relations and gender roles revealing human and social behavior patterns. They serve as a tool to influence our outward appearance, interpersonal communication and performance speaking about qualities as instinctive desires, man’s vigor or even object-like magical virtue. They serve people–literally–to leave one’s mark on society’s ground, to perform between self-enactment, interacting allurement and dominance. At the end, they also serve to “run away” and break with society’s windings and constraints, finally developing a life of one’s own imaginations.